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Businesses* that bring tangible results... one service and product at a time.

*Ventures with minority interests or collaborative in nature are not included.


Commercial Signage 

ALCO NEON Inc. provides personalised signage programs to help organizations build their brand image and strengthen fidelity by more intuitively and permanently communicate what they are all about.


We provide all products and services necessary to ensure consistent visual experience for clients, employees and stakeholders alike.

Alco participates in the global challenge to reduce energy demand by installing on a daily basis signs that integrate leading energy efficient LED lighting technology systems and smart energy consumption sensors.


We acquired the company in anticipation that  this industry would rapidly adopt  LEDs and the many benefits they offer. Since our acquisition, our signage products went from a zero to over 90% LED content.  This allowed us to complete projects that help some of our customers save anywhere from 40 to 80% of their electric bill in a recurring manner while still reaching the image objective they had set out.


Illuminated or not, we pursue a total life cycle approach for all the products we manufacture so our clients have an image made in a responsible manner.


Digital distribution and

order fulfillment of Art

CLIC ART inc. is a pioneer and leader in online copyright content of fine art, art prints, pictures and creative images.  We help artists and creators to easily connect to our growing customer base that are always on the look out for new talents or old time classics. We give artists and curators portfolio increased exposure along with order fulfillment services that makes it easy to realize and share the full value of their work. Clicart continually works to develop tools and solutions adapted to the web that help its partners sell more art online.

With each order we complete, we strengthen the artistic and cultural fabric of society by paying out growing royalty amounts  to artists and creative content owners. In our pursuit to democratize the access to art, we improve the independence of artists and content owners by providing them access to digital platforms and networks and tools that complement their existing success.


The most interesting factor and least measurable is our belief that art is a strong vector for self-realization, education and openness to the world. We find satisfaction in the fact that art enthusiasts, image lovers and better yet passive bystanders experience inspiration in the artworks we provide.  With over a million satisfied customers and counting, we are pround to enlight peoples daily lives on every continent.


Architecture & Design

METROPOLITAIN inc. offers products that can improve both the appearance and environmental performance of buildings and public spaces. Custom architecural LED lighting systems, weather control canopies, green walls, recycling systems, bicycle racks and accessories.  Our artisans produce refined products that are quality crafted and help make a difference in the sustainabilty performance of any building or environment.  

Metropolitain was created when we identified highly skilled tradesman within our signage businesses that were more artisans in their mindset and behaviours.  We coupled this genuine appreciation to work materials with our groups interest to offer custom or ready to install products that allow to easily bring a sustainable aspect and/or visual edge to any project or location.


Working closely with artists, designers and architects, one project at a time, we integrate products that help reduce energy and material consumption and/or make spaces more stimulating to its users.

Order fulfillment and content

services in additive manufacturing.

CUSTOMSPAREPART.COM  is a dedicated on demand 3D printing service that offers advanced parts design and manufacturing. We complement our 3D printing manufacturing capacity with value added services that range from artisitic finish that provides the desired look to high end design and manufacturing of electronic components to make your 3D parts or products intelligent.

The adoption of additive manufacturing ( commonly referred to as 3D printing ), with all the complexity and opportunities it involves, allows already today to save unparalleled resources and time to satisfy some of our clients needs.


Our belief is that 3D printing is currently in the process of changing the old mass market consumption approach to a client/consumer driven model.  The environmental impact of this transition is significant as we can eliminate important amount of energy and materials used to satisfy our needs and also  extend the life cycle of many existing products by now making their repair and maintenace economically viable.


Order fulfillment and digital

distribution of ready to assemble

furniture and accessories.


NEXERA DISTRIBUTION inc. manufactures and distributes ready-to-assemble furniture and accessories for home and businesses. We continually work to foster and improve a creative and technology driven environment that results in fast design and delivery of quality personalized multifunctional products. We find pride in that a growing amount of families and professionals create the atmosphere they want with products that are made in a responsible manner.

The economic landscape of manufacturers globally is changing as rapidly as society.  The prerogative that each consumer can obtain personalized products in a timely manner will growingly nurture local capacity that minimizes the pollution related to transportation and obsolete inventory. The adoption of new materials that ease reuse and recycling will further improve sustainability. Massive amount of resources can be saved annually in this transition and we work every day to make this novel approach a reality.


Financial solutions for energy 

& resource saving products

and services.


EVERLAST FINANCIAL  provides leasing programs and financial solutions for products or services that allow to manage, use or create materials or energy in a more sustainable manner.  


We help entrepreneurs and companies deploy their product or service that allows end users to consume less energy, introduce renewable sources or reduce use & recycle more materials. Use the contact section of this website for more information.

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