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Discreet's mission is to accelerate the growth of activities that improve global sustainability and quality of life.





Promote, support and invest in people and organizations that have activities sustainably performant in both financial and environmental & social results.

We follow a value based investing strategy.  An investment philosophy that is both the only common sense approach we are comfortable with and that is consistent with our objectives.

We are interested to partner or purchase businesses that are easy to understand, have favorable long-term prospects, are operated by honest and competent people and available at a price and/or with a structure that allows to overcome short terms challenges that are bound to occur.

Satisfy our clients while delivering above average return to our shareholders with services or products that help address some of the most important inefficiencies, challenges and opportunities.

This site is designed to help potential customers, partners and individuals interested in joining our group to better understand who we are, where we come from and what we are working to achieve.  We are a privately held group with a 5 year  3 digit compound annual growth rate in the energy, materials, art & culture, food & agriculture and other cleantech sectors.


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