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From its inception, the driving motivation behind all our ventures has been to facilitate an improved stewarship of the earth resources.  This translates into building strong businesses that contribute financially or with their products and services to improve global environmental footprint and quality of life.   All undertakings are based on sound economic performance to ensure long-term sustainability and success in both our businesses and our group's contribution to society and the environment.

Some would categorize our investment philosophy through the new environmental, social, governance (ESG) model.  From a conventional point of view that would probably be the best description but there is however more to it than that.

Rather than spend time and energy justifying how our activities fit new investment trends and social acceptance,  we flipped the question around and asked ourselves how do we create an organization that  measures up to the highest conventional performance thresholds for value creation yet has, as a central and primary criteria in its investment selection process, the requirement to have activities that positively impact people's lives and challenges we are all facing.


Our initial weakness, starting from nothing, has always been our biggest strength in that we view industries, people and the world without any prior vested interest.  Coupled with our expertise in finance, technology and organizational execution, we create value and redistribute it in a way that allows properly balanced allocation between all stakeholders resulting yearly in an increasingly strong base and platform for growth. For change.

The trend towards a connected world will create disruptions and opportunities for people from all walks of life and with varying agendas of interests.  Amounts invested globally remain shy compared with resources wasted on a yearly basis, resulting in a world of opportunities for anyone capable to seize.  Our activities are not material in the scope of these investments yet measured in terms of percentage of our resources reinvested yearly for initiatives that make a difference, we are confident to be at the top of the world's first quartile within groups of individuals that work with a private ownership model.

To the most important stakeholder in any organizational model, the client, we are the ultimate partner that not only helps you control and reduce your expenses but improves value creation with our products and expertise. We are confident that no other alternative exists that allocates your spent dollar to a greater extent to curtail environmental footprint and improve social fabric.

To institutional and pension funds, we are a reliable long-term investment. An investment that allows your constituents to benefit from the opportunities of our rapidly changing world through a vehicle with operating practices that provide world class risk return balance.  Your good investment is a smart investment as your allocation of funds is made for the benefit of activities that genuinely make a difference for society.

More than imagination, foresight, capital, people, contacts and a good business model, success steams from an ongoing balancing act between all these factors mixed with a good dose of resilience and never losing sight of realizing your initial beliefs.  We hope you participate in our journey and we thank you for your visit.

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